Selling horses

Jamie can help you sell your horse and take care of all marketing, paperwork and trials of your horse, through to the final sale and transport of your horse to your property.

With Jaime’s experience she knows where to place ads that will be effective in touting the horse’s capabilities and will reach the correct market. However, it is important to point out that most of the horses she sells are through her own contacts and word of mouth rather than paying to list your horse on a sales website. This process is free unless Jamie sells your horse.

Jaime can also have your horse on her books to sell without being advertised. This is perfect for people that do not wish to openly market their horse and just choose to sell under the radar, or only if in the event that an excellent offer comes along.


Jaime charges a 10% commission, with a minimum commission of $1,000 and for sales above $40,000 the commission will be capped, meaning that Jaime’s commission will stay at a maximum of $4,000.

Jamie always tries to work with the seller to get them to include her commission in their price rather than add cost to the horse price. For example, if a seller is about to list a horse at $20,000 she will try and get the seller to include the commission in the deal, rather than the buyer having to pay extra. So please be aware of this when you discuss price with Jaime. This process ensures that one commission is paid and ensures that the buyer and seller aren’t charged separately for a commission.


If you are concerned about pricing Jaime can help you decide a price that is fair for your horse. We ask owners to think about what their horse is worth and also what their lowest price would be if it came down to negotiation.

We only ask this so that we can be certain that it is worth bringing clients to see your horse if it is just outside of their budget, but this will be discussed with you first.

If you choose to list your horse to be sold by Jaime, she can help make a professional sales video promoting your horse and if you are local and it is possible, she will negotiate to meet up with you to get marketing photos and videos of your horse.

If you horse sells through Jaime this video is free of charge. If you end up selling your horse privately, there will be a $50 charge and travel expenses – if more than 20 minutes drive from the ACC Equestrian premises.


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