New goals post-lockdown

If you had asked me mid lockdown how was life, I would have said great. Covid-19 gave me a chance to slow down my pace of life, focus on my vege garden, cooking and fitness.

Coming to the end of the lockdown, however, due to Covid-19, I lost my job and I felt like a piece of me was broken. Working at Takapoto for me wasn’t just a job, it was a lifestyle, my passion, my sport and I lived and breathed the job. I got to work every day with an incredible team and sit on amazing horses. Everyday I was thankful for this dream job and I felt like the job defined who I was. So, the shock of hearing that the stable was downsizing and Sam was coming home hit me hard.

A fortnight later thanks to the incredible support from friends, husband and family I started to change my outlook, instead of being devastated to walk away, I’ve decided to be thankful for the experiences and opportunities that I have had. I’ve changed so much in three years and I am especially thankful to the development in my riding, thanks largely to riding great horses and the coaching I’ve received from Penny and Sam. I had never fully believed in my ability to ride at a high level and I never thought I could have achieved what I have with these horses. This job sparked a fire in me to ride my best and train harder. Walking away from the Takapoto horses will hurt the most. But I have my health, a supportive network and hopefully exciting things on the horizon.

I am not one to sit around and do nothing, so my over-active mind quickly went into overdrive and I started to plan my next step. In this current unpredictable Covid-19 world, I do not think it’s feasible to start up my own team of horses. So, my first step has been to relaunch and update my old website – it helps to have a husband who sets up websites (thanks Joel for the amazing job). I will firstly base my new business JT Equestrian around teaching and move back to Auckland to base myself there.

Joel and I have structured a new website where clients can learn about what I’m offering and also communicate upfront with me – their goals and what exactly what they want from me as a trainer. I will offer training tips for on-and-off the horse, with other professionals in the mix where required, and there will be a strong focus on health and wellbeing (an aspect of training I think a lot of riders overlook). I will offer lessons in Auckland, South Auckland and Cambridge each week.

I have also started a new agency to help people buy and sell horses. Overseas there are a lot of professional agents and in NZ there are only a small handful doing this work. Some professional riders act as an agent but it bothers me that sometimes this process is not very transparent. People do not always realise they are paying a commission, or how much the commission actually is. So, I want to make this process much more transparent and easier for clients.

Basically, if you are in the market to buy or sell a horse, I welcome you to jump onto one of my online forms and get started:

The form invites to provide all your details and what you are looking for in your next horse, or, in the event that you’re selling; provide all your horse’s details. I will endeavour to help you look for your horse/sell your horse. At this stage the process is free so buyers and sellers have nothing to lose. As an agent I can do as little, or as much as you want. Before I show a rider a horse, I will research the horse, talk to fellow riders and try to watch the horse at a few shows. I’ll ask all the necessary questions, if possible, I’ll sit on the horse myself, and then present this information to the potential buyer with videos.

All the hassle buying that comes with buying or selling a horse will be taken care of by me. This usually includes:

  • Making a professional video to market your horse
  • Setting up trials
  • Sales agreements
  • Vettings
  • Insurance and transportation post sale

Once a horse sale is complete, there is a commission that gets paid to me and these details are explained further on my buying and selling pages. This whole process is a great way for people to get access to try horses before they hit the open market and for riders and studs to list horses with me (but not necessarily publicly listed – you choose). Basically, the horse is on my books, waiting for the right client with the right budget to come along.

I already have horses listed with me and I have buyers looking, please get in touch to list your horse or list what you are looking for.

So, life has changed a great deal for me due to Covid-19 and I can only hope that all things happen for a reason and that from this change more exciting things will come in the future. I will miss riding full time and I would love in the future to get back into riding competitively. But for now I will take a step back and try to help some of my clients’ dreams come true and hopefully I can get at least one unicorn myself to keep competing on the side.

Welcome to 2013

2013 has started off with a hiss and a roar, over Christmas things slowed down with people away and all of a sudden its all go….lessons have been crazy and all the stables are full except one!

Centaur MVNZ 2nd 1.30m and 1st university section Waitemata 3*We had a great start to the season at Waitemata 3* where Socrates was double clear and 5th in the 1.40m, Centaur was 2nd in the 1.30m and 1st in the univeristy section and Enya was 3rd in her first show hunter class with 81%. Now the horses are having a break from shows until the end of month when we head to Tauranga.

Next week Jaime is doing a 2 day clinic with George Morris, who is one of the top trainers in the world. Click here for a link that reports on one of Georges last clinics. Jaime has spaces to go down with her in the truck for anyone that wants to come and watch.

C.S.O Gel Bandages

CSO bandagesThank you to Premier Equine for my C.S.O gel bandages! This is an incredible product and worth a look at for any rider!

These bandages minimise the risk of over tightening the bandages. Supplied as a pair in fores or hinds, the C.S.O. Gel bandage pads are the most effective protections for the horse’s legs. They prevent splints due to the micro injuries from intensive workouts, and keep old injuries from getting worse. The special shape of the C.S.O. Gel pads gives the suspensory ligaments maximum support.

They are particularly effective for jumping, dressage, eventing and race horses because their workouts are so demanding on tendons. To be set under polo bandages, or even cooled in the fridge or freezer and used as stable bandages to help with tendon and ligament recovery. Machine washable at 30°C.”

I think they are a fantastic buy at $100 a pair, especially considering this is a similar price to cooling boots that have the hassle of socking them in water prior. Even without going in the fridge/freezer these bandages instantly cool the legs.

If your interested in a pair you can order these through me or contact Fleur at Premier Equine Services

Christmas has come early….

A huge thank you to the National Saddle Centre NZ who have supplied me with another saddle. This saddle has the new e bar which is already available in the dressage NSC saddles and is being tested in the jump saddles.

The e bar significantly reduces the pressure on the horses back especially at maximum pressure such as landing after a jump.


For more information check out NSCs website:

Germanys top stallions – Stakkato (Socrates sire) ranked the highest

The German Federation has made a list over the best showjumping stallions in Germany. Every stallion has got a “zuchtwert” which is a note that not only tells how the stallion itself has performed, but also how the offspring are doing and how the stallion is passing on its quality to the offspring.

JC Equestrians own Socrates de la Vie Z is sired by Stakkto, the highest ranked stallion. Lets hope he does his famous father proud. See below for a video of Stakkato winning the German Championships 2010 with Eva Bitter and for the list of the top 1% of German show jumping stallions.

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Christmas and New Years Livery

– Leave your horse in the best care while you are away

JC Equestrian is offering livery for the Christmas and New Year period. So if you are need of someone to look after your horse while you are away give us a call.

Livery packages are designed to meet the clients needs and can include stabling or grazing and schooling if needed. The property at Woodhill, Auckland is safe and secure with post and rail fencings with outriggers, stables, covered yards and automatic water.

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New website

Welcome to the brand new JC Equestrian website, a huge thanks to Chanel Campbell for designing my logo, banner and help setting up the website. Check out Chanels page for any help with design work, she is very professional and fantastic to work with.

There has been a lot of changes for JC Equestrian this year, firstly we have moved! We were previously based in Dairy Flat and now Jaime is out at Woodhill, next door to Woodhill Sands. A huge thanks to Gabrielle Colley for this opportunity to be based at her fantastic property. Continue reading “New website”