Buying horses

If you are looking for your next horse, let Jaime help to make this process easier. This is a free process to register for this service, and you only pay a commission to Jaime if she is successful in finding you a horse (travel costs will be negotiated up front if necessary).

The majority of horses that she sources are not openly advertised and usually based with reputable and trusted producers of horses. This allows clients to see top horses before they reach the open market.

In NZ there are a few agents and trainers that charge commissions on horses without purchasers being fully aware. With Jamie this process is very transparent, we have laid out it below:

  • Jaime charges a 10% commission, with a minimum commission of $1,000 and for sales above $40,000 the commission will be capped, meaning that Jaime’s commission will stay at a maximum of $4,000. Jaime always tries to work with the seller to get them to include her commission in their price rather than put more money on top of the horse price – so if a seller is about to list a horse at $20,000 Jaime will try and get the seller to include the commission in the deal, rather than the buyer having to pay extra.

horse kiss

What you get when you buy a horse through Jaime:

  • Jaime will endeavour to find you your dream horse, within budget. She prides herself on pairing horses and riders and will not just push to sell you any horse that’s easily available
    – During the process Jaime will not only find you suitable horses to view but do background research and make sure she has a profile of each horses for you to view, with videos and any relevant vet records
  • For out of town buyers she can make an itinerary to take you to see several different horses
  • She will offer to come to trials of the horses – if this cannot be done at the JC Equestrian premises then travel costs may need to be negotiated. In most cases these amounts will be deducted off the final invoice when you purchase a horse – up to a credit of $300
  • She will be present at the vetting, no charge if the horse is local within 20 minutes
  • Jaime can film parts of the vetting if you wish and keep you up-to-date on how things are looking. She will make sure all vetting reports are sent to you
  • Jaime will help you out with all the paperwork and transport including the purchase agreement and getting quotes from transport companies if need be

After sales service:

  • Once a sale is completed you will receive a document with all the relevant information about the horse including: last visit at the farrier, dentist, vaccinations, physiotherapist, the brand and amount of horse feed needed, type of bedding horse is used to, special needs and any recommendations
  • We can also offer short term livery of the horse at the JC Equestrian premises. During this time Jaime can school your horse or train you and your new horse together
  • If you new horse is not yet broken in we can offer a breaking in service