C.S.O Gel Bandages

CSO bandagesThank you to Premier Equine for my C.S.O gel bandages! This is an incredible product and worth a look at for any rider!

These bandages minimise the risk of over tightening the bandages. Supplied as a pair in fores or hinds, the C.S.O. Gel bandage pads are the most effective protections for the horse’s legs. They prevent splints due to the micro injuries from intensive workouts, and keep old injuries from getting worse. The special shape of the C.S.O. Gel pads gives the suspensory ligaments maximum support.

They are particularly effective for jumping, dressage, eventing and race horses because their workouts are so demanding on tendons. To be set under polo bandages, or even cooled in the fridge or freezer and used as stable bandages to help with tendon and ligament recovery. Machine washable at 30°C.”

I think they are a fantastic buy at $100 a pair, especially considering this is a similar price to cooling boots that have the hassle of socking them in water prior. Even without going in the fridge/freezer these bandages instantly cool the legs.

If your interested in a pair you can order these through me or contact Fleur at Premier Equine Services

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