Germanys top stallions – Stakkato (Socrates sire) ranked the highest

The German Federation has made a list over the best showjumping stallions in Germany. Every stallion has got a “zuchtwert” which is a note that not only tells how the stallion itself has performed, but also how the offspring are doing and how the stallion is passing on its quality to the offspring.

JC Equestrians own Socrates de la Vie Z is sired by Stakkto, the highest ranked stallion. Lets hope he does his famous father proud. See below for a video of Stakkato winning the German Championships 2010 with Eva Bitter and for the list of the top 1% of German show jumping stallions.

These are the best 1% of all the showjumping stallions in Germany according to the German Federation. The stallions are listed in alfabetic order.

Cardento, Holsteiner v. Capitol I – Zuchtwert 158 Punkte

Cartano, Holsteiner v. Carthago – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Carthago, Holsteiner v. Capitol I – Zuchtwert 158 Punkte

Cassini I, Holsteiner v. Capitol I – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Catoki, Holsteiner v. Cambridge – Zuchtwert 157 Punkte

Cellestial, Oldenburger v. Cantus – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Cero I, Holsteiner v. Calido I – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Chacco-Blue, Mecklenburger v. Chambertin – Zuchtwert 157 Punkte

Chalan, Holsteiner v. Chambertin – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Chellano Z, Holsteiner v. Contender – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Clarimo, Holsteiner v. Clearway – Zuchtwert 156 Punkte

Comte, Hannoveraner v. Contendro I – Zuchtwert 169 Punkte

Concerto II, Holsteiner v. Contender – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Contendro I, Holsteiner v. Contender – Zuchtwert 158 Punkte

Cornado I, Westfale v. Cornet Obolensky – Zuchtwert 155 Punktet

Cornet Obolensky, Belgisches Warmblut v. Clinton – Zuchtwert 165 Punkte

Crawford, Holsteiner v. Corrado I – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Cumano, Holsteiner v. Cassini I – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Diarado, Holsteiner v. Diamant De Semilly – Zuchtwert 166 Punkte

Douglas (Rousseau), Niederländisches Warmblut v. Darco – Zuchtwert 159 Punkte

Embassy III, Hannoveraner v. Escudo I – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Galoubet A, Selle Francais v. Alme – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Heartbreaker, Niederländisches Warmblut v. Nimmerdor – Zuchtwert 163 Punkte

Levisto, Holsteiner v. Leandro – Zuchtwert 156 Punkte

Montender, Niederländisches Warmblut v. Contender – Zuchtwert 164 Punkte

Now Or Never M, Niederländisches Warmblut v. Voltaire – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Perigueux, Hannoveraner v. Perpignon – Zuchtwert 167 Punkte

Saint Amour, Hannoveraner v. Stakkato – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Salito, Hannoveraner v. Stakkato – Zuchtwert 162 Punkte

Satisfaction I, Hannoveraner v. Stakkato – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Stakkato, Hannoveraner v. Spartan – Zuchtwert 170 Punkte

Stakkato Gold, Hannoveraner v. Stakkato – Zuchtwert 166 Punkte

Stalypso, Hannoveraner v. Stakkato – Zuchtwert 155 Punkte

Stolzenberg, Hannoveraner v. Stakkato – Zuchtwert 154 Punkte

Valentino, Niederländisches Warmblut v. Now Or Never M – Zuchtwert 158 Punkte

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